All in Budgeting

Do you remember the moment you first opened a savings account? Most of us likely opened one with our bank who held our checking account and direct deposit at the time. It seemed standard, but the only thing I really thought separated a checking from a savings was that it was money I should not touch. Many of us learned later that we can only withdrawal money from the account 6 times per statement cycle, we might have needed a minimum balance to maintain the account without fees and it yielded us some interest!

For many of us, it takes several years before we realize we’ve made a mess of our money. We grow up thinking debt is just what people have, it’s inevitable, right? These things are the norm, until we realize they aren’t. Something in our head just clicks at some point. We start caring more about our finances and seeking more information. Then we find out, debt is not the only way to live. We can escape it.