There are a lot of negative Nancy’s in the world and almost always someone who does not approve or just does not understand. It seems especially true when you are trying to get your life together that you feel the people around you are becoming more and more negative. Are they jealous? Are they just busting your chops? Do you just feel more negative vibes seeping through them because your life is becoming so overwhelmingly positive?!

What brings me joy may not bring joy to you and vise versa. Sometimes I have the thought that there is no way this person could have spent that much money on an outfit if the purpose was not to show off, be boastful or to keep up a certain image. On the other side of things, I did not choose my apartment for other people to admire. I chose it for myself and I could care less what anyone else thought of it.

Dave Ramsey followers know if there is anything he hates more than collection agencies, it’s forms of cash value life insurance. He likes to call it “the payday lender of the middle class”. Still, I could only ever really catch bits and pieces of why cash value life insurance was such a scammy product. I needed to know more and as someone who has taken forever to even become insured, I decided I needed to do a little research.

For many of us, it takes several years before we realize we’ve made a mess of our money. We grow up thinking debt is just what people have, it’s inevitable, right? These things are the norm, until we realize they aren’t. Something in our head just clicks at some point. We start caring more about our finances and seeking more information. Then we find out, debt is not the only way to live. We can escape it. 

In the beginning of 2015 I moved into my first place without parentals. I was 21 years old, what should have been a glorious time, but within the same month of signing the lease I was let go from my job as supervisor at a café near Union Square. Apparently, I was not bossy enough (I wasn’t). I’m a very emotional cancer though, so of course I cried, I was extremely stressed, I felt like a failure being the first (and only) time I have ever gotten fired and I just wasn’t sure how I’d be paying rent without a job.